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Washington is broken. States and cities are the only places where governing is happening in meaningful ways while also being ground zero for some of the most innovative and effective policymaking and problem solving in the country. Not only that, but by employing seven times more civilians and accounting for three times the amount of non-social security domestic spending than the federal government, states and cities wield enormous power. States are responsible for virtually all everyday non-military public services and infrastructure. From public safety and health to education and housing, from transportation and land use to civil rights and control over voting rights, campaign finance and our election systems, states are responsible for vast majority of what Americans value and experience in their everyday lives. However, after decades of focusing solely on the federal government, most organizations, corporations, federal elected officials and others have no idea how to begin to engage in states and cities in a way that creates real outcomes for the causes and issues they care about or people they represent. The team at UpRising has always believed that real change begins at the grassroots, the cities, and the states. This is why we have dedicated our careers to working to make change happen at the state and local levels. Whether developing and executing strategies that will help your message or cause break through, building institutional capacity or achieving policy and electoral outcomes, we are excited to bring that dedication and our experience and relationships to helping help you succeed.
Photo Credit: Jade Thomas

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